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When you are considering having these systems installed into your home, the earlier you can start the discussions the better, as it gives more time to discuss your requirements and allows enough time to finalise before major wiring commences. It can still be done but the further into the build you get, the less options become available to you.

When considering installing any system into your home there is a basic process that we follow:

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Support


The consultation process is a multi directional process between you, us and other design professionals involved. It is about carefully listening to your requirements and then producing an initial proposal. We then go through the proposal and refine it until it is exactly to your requirements, this is an essential part of the process. This is to ensure that when the project is complete it fulfils your needs.


When we design the infrastructure, your system will be able to cope with all future technologies and additional requirements along way, i.e. additional touch panels, extra input sources, and new emerging technologies. This is to ensure that your investment provides years of enjoyment.


The installation will be carried out by highly qualified technicians and once complete we will provide you with easy to follow documentation for your new system. Once the system is handed over we then arrange to come back to see how you are getting on.


We pride ourselves in being able to fully support the systems we install and can offer maintenance packages to give you peace of mind.

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