Control your homes temperature


Most of the energy used in the typical UK Home goes in heating the space.

What can we do to reduce energy usage? Control the consumption of energy.

  • By controlling the space temperature more accurately
  • By zoning the house so that only the rooms in use are heated to comfort temperature
  • By making sure the house is shut down to fabric protection temperature when unoccupied
  • Using these techniques we can save 15% easily, up to 30% with a bit of effort

This can only be achieved by installing an integrated HVAC system, an intelligent system that will control your heating, comfort cooling and hot water systems.

It will prevent the cooling system being on when the heating system is on, preventing it from fighting each other and wasting energy. The system can close rooms down or shut down whole zones when no one is using them or if you are away on holiday.

This can all be achieved from the touch of a button.

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